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View full recipe at Learn how to cook Bread Potato Rolls Recipe by Manjula Ingredients 4 bread …

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  • Mihir Mohanty 10 months ago

    thanks for this 

  • metrocityslicker 10 months ago

    Yes indeed , looks yummy :) !

  • paras naheed 10 months ago


  • Verma Nitasha 10 months ago

    thanku so mauch mam

  • Tebau Stewart 10 months ago

    thank you so much,i did cook it for our dinner was nice my husband is from
    Fiji India and he always love his own food,so all your cooking show it
    help me a lots to cook,God bless you :) 

  • Jannath Nisrin 10 months ago

    Easy recipes. Thanx mam. These recipes are very useful to prepare tsty and
    variety recipes. 

  • angela susma 10 months ago

    Tasty! Thank you 

  • Hiro Advani 10 months ago

    Very nice nd yummy

  • Asuntha Anthony 10 months ago

    its very nice and tasty thank u

  • Bill Flaherty 10 months ago


  • Madiraju Vamsi 10 months ago

    very nice and good too…

  • Geetha Menon 10 months ago

    Very nice. Thanks Manjula.

  • 2coldforU88 10 months ago


  • palak patel 10 months ago

    its really yummy

  • ashish dhakal 10 months ago

    It’s aesome aunty. Taste is so good. I can’t stop eating it … Thank u

  • k.c. Reddy 10 months ago

    wow its awesome ………….must try it

  • Shrikant Patil 10 months ago

    Manjula jee, keeping a small cheese cube inside the roll melts the cheese
    when frying, turns out even awsome.

  • Polyfooka 10 months ago

    I made these today. Fantastic! So quick and so simple and everybody ate
    them up and wanted more. Thank you, Manjula!

  • Beena Patel 10 months ago

    Nice I like it very much such easy and delicious food

  • Saba Mughal 10 months ago

    can i backed this Bread Potato Rolls

  • Enna Jannet 10 months ago

    my mother used to dip the rolls in the semi liquid paste of gram flour
    (besan) so that the stuffing doesnt come out then roll the wet rolls over
    bread crums which makes it more crispy after you fry it

  • Petra Robinson 10 months ago

    This is such a great recipe, I will try this!

  • Chaotic Moira 10 months ago

    Oh my gosh, Manjula this sound so yummy! I can’t wait to try them. I am
    going to try to find the chutney recipes right now.

  • slakh1104 10 months ago

    Very nice Aunty

  • grannyzeebee 10 months ago

    My two favourite ingredients – bread and potatoes, spicy and deep fried. OH

  • zainab khan Khan 10 months ago

    hi manjula frist i saw your masala tea it was very good almost your all
    foods are execllent

  • kartikey tripathi 10 months ago

    it was very nice!kepp it up

  • harpreet singh 10 months ago

    muh ch pani aa gya

  • Namratha Raman 10 months ago

    i tried this in home…it tasted soo good…thank you, nice recipe….:))

  • Ajitkumar Yadav 10 months ago

    It is really crispy and soft inside and yes, that’s true it disappear very
    fast. Thanks from my mom.

  • Luci Young 10 months ago
  • Ragini Sharma 10 months ago

    thanksss,,,,,,today i will try :-)

  • Ramesh Kakar 10 months ago

    Manjula ji, Thanks for yummy recipes. Beside uttering ingredients and
    quantity. please put in writing as we are old (70 +) and cannot hear